“REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE” for a special evening.

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“REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE” for a special evening.
To coincide with Cersaie 2012, Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti organised a gala dinner that included the awards ceremony for the winners of the Active Design competition along with a recycling exhibition.

The evening organised by Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti during Cersaie 2012 provided the setting for two events: the first was the ribbon cutting for the opening of the group’s revamped showroom in Fiorano Modenese, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini; during the second event, in chronological order, the winners of the Active Design competition, launched by Iris Ceramica and FMG during the year and the projects selected for honourable mentions received their awards from Chairman and CEO of the GranitiFiandre group and Iris Ceramica Graziano Verdi and Federica Minozzi.

The competition, held for the second time and organised in association with QN-Il Resto Del Carlino, was established with the goal of encouraging and promoting eco-compatible architectural design and a new, sustainable approach to architecture, involving the use of environmentally friendly eco-active products such as ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™.

The particularly interesting staging for the evening by RODEX was based on the slogan “REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE&rdquo, and the table decorations drew on kitchen items and proposed innovative and sustainable solutions.

Outside, a real exhibition dedicated to reusing objects, was set up on the showroom’s forecourt in order to show how much creativity can be used to really change things. In actual fact, the general concept showed tangible examples of how sometimes we only need to think outside the box when we look at things like old pipes and brooms to find practical, attractive ideas for reusing them .

Location: Fiorano Modenese, Iris Ceramica and FMG showroom
Set-up: RODEX, http://www.rodexweb.it/
Photographer: Elena Romani
Links: http://www.irisceramica.com/http://www.irisfmg.com/