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Nomad Architecture & Environmental Art Workshop. Designing and building with wood and natural materials on a scale of 1:1, beginning from local handcrafting skills and knowledge in order to develop “nomad” architecture. A Marco Casagrande and Hans-Petter Bjørnadal idea. 

NOMAD, the workshop organised by Marco Casagrande and Hans-Petter Bjørndal is based on the architectural and social theories of urban acupuncture and “Open Form”.

Just like in the world of software, this is a concept where everyone is invited to participate and make a contribution.

Nature is the only reality for nomad architects who in turn become environmental artists and design shamans.

The June workshop will draw on the traditional knowledge of Norwegians and the Sami people in the Hemnes community of Norway and will focus on the nomadic qualities of architecture. Architecture whose age-old roots puts it in harmony with the needs of contemporary life, where various forms of nomadic life – including political refugees, work migrants – are coming back into the limelight.

Site: Korgen, Municipality of Hemnes, Norway
Time: June 2 – 15, 2014
Teachers: Marco Casagrande & Hans-Petter Bjørnådal 
Participants: 15 students 
Activities: Design & build with wood and natural materials in 1:1 scale, sketching, photography, environmental drama
Information: www.clab.fi, www.b-ark.no