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The Chinese studio MATRIX DESIGN recently completed a Fitness Club in Foshan, China.

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MATRIX DESIGN for psychological and physical wellbeing The Chinese studio MATRIX DESIGN recently completed a Fitness Club in Foshan, China. The interior design follows the architectural underpinning for a result that aims to boost the connection between humans and nature in a high-density urban area.

We all know how important physical activity and relaxation are for our psychological and physical wellbeing. And if we take time out from the frenetic world around us, using this time dedicated to ourselves in a harmonious, attractive environment, then the results will be even better.
This is exactly what happens to people at the MT Titlis Club in Foshan, China - a fitness and wellness club designed by MATRIX DESIGN. The creatives from this Chinese interior design studio established in 2010 have also made a name for themselves on the international scene because they focus so much on the impact of constantly evolving technology and art on the urban environment and on the lifestyle of people, bringing together the contemporary aspect with local traditions and customs.
Starting from the idea of peace and quiet for this location devoted to recreational activities for the professionals working nearby, the designers let their imaginations run riot to turn this 1000-square metre area into a place of serenity, colours and shapes from an architectural perspective, with the aim of crafting a free-flowing, simple space.
The design team focused on creating interiors that could transmit the concept of humans and nature living side-by-side, fundamental for our wellbeing but hard to make real in these big metropolises. 
Which is also why the designers not only use a colour palette based on the local materials with delicate textures, like wood, stone, steel and glass that are reminiscent of tradition, they also work hard to create openings and gaps. Indeed, they have made the most of the views onto the green courtyard as a reminder to users of the relationship between people and nature. 
The overall interior design is based around a “minimalist modernism” style and presents a streamlined, simple spatial sequence. The interiors stand out for the materials and for the sense of movement created by large vertical columns that also give it a feeling of solidity and serenity, underscored by the addition of natural decorative elements. MATRIX DESIGN has also set great store on the effects of light. In this space, the light changes every day of the year and they have used its impact to reveal the architectural details of the club as the light ebbs and flows. 
The exteriors have been designed to be complementary to the interiors, and the courtyard presents as an aquatic landscape. A really beautiful place that also naturally improves the microclimate of the whole complex. 
With MT Titlis Club in Foshan, MATRIX DESIGN has completed a project that stands out for the integration of form and function without ever forgetting that the basis for everything is the connection between interiors and exteriors, between people and nature, particularly if we’re talking about spaces that focus on psychological and physical wellbeing, like in this case.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: MATRIX DESIGN - http://matrixdesign.cn/home.asp
Location: Foshan, China
Year: 2019
Images: Shenzhen Shi Xiang Wan He Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

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