Lucien Rose district in Rennes. Atelier Du Pont.

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Lucien Rose district in Rennes. Atelier Du Pont.
French architects, Atelier Du Pont has designed a social housing complex comprising 81 living units and a multimedia library near the botanic gardens of Rennes. The project seeks to communicate with the neighbouring botanical gardens in confirmation of the relationship between urban planning and the landscape.

Locating a social housing project in a middle class district, next to the botanical gardens and including a media library, a cultural centre that mainly focuses on young people: this was the challenge faced by the architects from Atelier Du Pont in Rennes.

Their design response comes alive as through the intense communication with the environment. They proposed six buildings and kept down the height of the volumes, thus reducing the visual impact. The facades overlooking the gardens are clad with wooden slats, further stressing the unity with nature.

The internal pedestrian pathway to the new public media library is slightly downward sloping and is adorned in green.This volume runs horizontally and picks up the colours of the homes on the outside, with exposed stonework instead of rendering. Timber slats are used here again, creating an elegant visual connection of the whole.

The project included the interior design of the media library, with custom furniture that is practical for adults and fun for kids. The solutions adopted by Atelier Du Pont are all characterised by simplicity: bare concrete walls, ceiling mounted systems camouflaged by a metal grated false ceiling. Natural light flows through slits cut into the roof and the orange used in the audiovisual section adds a pleasant blaze of colour.

The project is a 2010 Brittany Architecture Award winner.

Project: Atelier Du Pont http://www.atelierdupont.fr
Location: Rennes, France
Year: 2009
Photography: © Luc Boegly, courtesy of Atelier Du Pont


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