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Expo Milano 2015 is becoming our go-to destination this Summer.

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Livegreenblog explores Expo Milano 2015 Expo Milano 2015 is becoming our go-to destination this Summer. Lots of pavilions to see, new worlds to discover, unexpected novelties every time we go there. Our tip - go where your instinct takes you!

During our second trip to Expo Milano 2015, we didn't follow any particular route; we wandered around wherever we felt drawn, trying to cope with the unbelievable heat and the incredibly long queues at some of the pavilions. 

So we literally fell into the pool of the Czech Republic pavilion that goes by the name “A Laboratory of Life”, focusing on the theme of our very life-force - water. The architecture by Chybik+Kristof welcomes visitors with a prefabricated construction bearing the typical clean lines of modernism. And here you get the feeling of being in the 1960s as you discover the new technologies for water treatment or the successes of the biologists from the Prague zoo to guarantee biodiversity for our planet.

After dropping into the Street Market of the Dutch pavilion, we went back to the Gallery of Estonia, to get a real feel of the world of Estonia that awaits us in September during TAB2015 and ...for a swing of course!

Considering the blazing hot sun, we were curious to find out how the countries in the cluster of the “Arid Zones” handle the heat. This cluster is located behind the main east-west road, which doesn't make a visit easy but you know what - it was really worth it! Here, you can get to know the agriculture and diet of countries like Eritrea, Djibouti, Mauritania, Mali, Palestine, Senegal, Liberia, Somalia, and Jordan, and try out the local food at affordable prices.

On the other hand, the “Cereals and tubers” cluster offers an overview of Bolivia, Congo, Haiti, Mozambique, Togo, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Don't miss the photographic totems created by Joel Meyerowitz that explore bread as a staple food.

You shouldn't miss the Iran Pavilion which allows to deepn our knowledge regarding the ancient Persian culture, beyond roses and poetry. 

We ended our wanderings with a visit to the Morocco pavilion, highly recommended for its interior set-up where you get a total immersion in a country with a thousand faces, and the outdoor garden. A real Kasbah that we'll be discussing in more detail soon!
A tip if you're going with kids - get them the “official Expo 2015 passport” that they can get stamped in each pavilion they visit. It keeps them amused and helps you keep track of what you've seen, and it means you'll just have to visit EVERY SINGLE pavilion... so we'll be back there again very soon!

Christiane Bürklein

Expo Milano 2015
Images: (c) Christiane Bürklein


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