Keep Skateistan rolling. Sport for social change.

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Keep Skateistan rolling. Sport for social change.
Sport can drive social change. Using this as its starting point, the non-profit NGO Skateistan has completed a new sports facility in Mazar-e-Sharif, Northern Afghanistan.

A 6000 square metre facility is a real wonderland in the tough daily lives of the young Afghan girls and boys living in Mazar-e-Sharif, marked by ongoing armed conflict.

The facility consists of three separate volumes dedicated to the various activities proposed by not-for-profit NGO Skateistan: an indoor skatepark venue complete with ramps built from local materials, a multipurpose sports facility – also used as a location for community events – and the all-important learning centre. 

This educational facility was constructed using old shipping containers sourced in Afghanistan, highlighting its importance not only in terms of social engagement but also for environmental sustainability.

More than 1000 young people are involved in this all-round project each week. In particular, it gives street kids and girls opportunities to learn skateboarding and other sports as well as access to education

Over 40% of the young users are girls, because while their religious beliefs mean they cannot ride bicycles, skateboarding is an acceptable form of sport. 

To get the initiative moving, Skateistan.org depends on donations and has set up a to raise funds for new projects in Afghanistan and Cambodia, aimed at empowering young people and at providing new opportunities for change. 
Keep Skateistan rolling!

Project: Michael Scott
Client: Skateistan.org,
Year: 2013
Photography: Courtesy of Skateistan


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