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Jump into a sea of balls, let yourself go, play and just be yourself.

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JUMP IN! Installation by Pearlfisher, London Jump into a sea of balls, let yourself go, play and just be yourself. Now, adults can do it too, thanks to JUMP IN! an installation created by Pearlfisher, independent design studio based in London and New York. And it’s all for a good cause – the non-profit organisation “Right to play”.

Remember when you used to go to IKEA with your kids just so you could leave them to play in the ball pool while you finally got some time for yourself – looking at furniture or just catching up with friends over a coffee? Remember feeling just a little bit envious because your kids were free to dive into that pool of coloured balls, while the only thing left for the grown-ups was to throw themselves into buying some seriously colourful accessories? Well, your turn has come! Somebody has finally thought of the grown-ups, of our repressed wishes, and that somebody is the team from independent, London and New York-based design studio Pearlfisher with “JUMP IN!”.

The name says it all and the video gives you the perfect idea of what the creative designers at Pearlfisher are offering – a dive into a pool of balls. Still, the project isn’t just an end in itself, it’s actually promoting the non-profit organisation “Right to Play” and some of the proceeds will be donated to that.

Okay, so the 81,000 balls are white, with a minimal style (then again, we are grown up now and snow-white is the consummate winter colour), still the foam rubber underneath gives you a really dynamic, embracing experience.

Jump In! is another one of the growing offer of art installations that emphasise the importance of play in our social lives. As Karen Welman, Pearlfisher Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer says, “Fundamentally, JUMP IN! is about celebrating creativity and positive human connections through the power of joyful play”.

A dive into this pool of balls is not just about having fun – although it is certainly that – it’s also helping those children who are all too often deprived of their right to play, and that’s no fun at all. This installation also underscores the design approach of the team at Pearlfisher: “We use the power of design to transform, seduce and create impact through positive change.”  
(Christiane Bürklein)

“Jump In!”
Project: Pearlfisher http://www.pearlfisher.com
with Right to Play http://www.righttoplay.org.uk/
Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer: Karen Welman, Pearlfisher Senior Creative Strategist: Jack Hart, Pearlfisher 
Year: 2015
Location: West London Gallery, London
Photography: Courtesy of Pearlfisher
Video: Jack Hart