House in Yoro. A family home.

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House in Yoro. A family home.
Japanese firm, Airhouse Design Office has converted an old warehouse into a home. The aesthetically compelling results are combined with a strong sustainable approach adopted to reduce energy consumption.

A commercial building in the district of Yoro (Gifu prefecture), has been turned into a new hearth for a couple with children.

Keiichi Kiriyama from Airhouse Design Office uses efficient, simple and cost-effective solutions to give an existing structure a brand new purpose.

The ground floor houses the garage and entrance, with stairs leading to the first floor where the single existing space has been left as it was. This is where the kitchen and its table – the major focal point of family life – dominate.

A new box-like structure has been placed in the open living area and comprises the more private rooms – the master bedroom and a bathroom. The children’s loft bedroom is on top of the box structure.

The design solutions aim to keep down energy needs. So walls, ceiling and floors have been insulated, and low-consumption radiant floor heating keeps the home warm. The existing windows were retained and double-glazed to improve the home’s insulation even further.

Nothing was changed on the outside, both as a cost-saving measure and also to blend in with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Project: Keiichi Kiriyama / Airhouse Design Office
Location: Yoro, Gifu, Japan
Year: 2012
Superficie: 131,58m2
Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

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