Fragile Invasion. Temporary installation.

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Fragile Invasion. Temporary installation.
Hidemi Nishida is a young Japanese environmental artist who set up a temporary installation with Galeri Fisk in Bergen, Norway. “Fragile Invasion” studies the spatial and temporal relationship of art in the contemporary urban context.

Galleri Fisk is an initiative of the students from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KhiB). Located in the heart of Bergen, on the one hand this gallery offers the opportunity for students – who also come from other institutions all over the world – to display their artworks, and on the other it gives the inhabitants a window onto contemporary art.

This is the context for the temporary installation set up by Japanese artist, Hidemi Nishida who is renowned for his projects focused on shelters, as a reminder of our ties to the environment around us.

Fragile Invasion” expresses its concept through its name: a cube made up of wooden slats, screwed together and looking as if they had actually landed on the gallery. Part of it is positioned inside the premises, while the other part looks as if it has pushed through the roof to rise up towards the sky.

The actual structure is fragile, but it has an extremely strong visual impact, because only a few essentials are needed to attract the attention of passersby and break the visual monotony of the city centre .

An operation that adheres to the logic of Visual Marketing to communicate contemporary art. “Fragile Invasion” is a tangible, concrete presentation of an image that disappears suddenly, just like it appeared out of the blue, at the same time leaving behind a trace in the memory of whoever saw it.

Project: Hidemi Nishida Studio, http://hdmnsd.com/
with Galeri Fisk, http://gallerifisk.squarespace.com
Location: Bergen, Norway
Yeear: 2013
Photos: Courtesy of Hidemi Nishida

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