Four Views. A house at one with nature. AR Design Studio.

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Four Views. A house at one with nature. AR Design Studio.
A house designed to give a life experience and a fresh start. Four Views designed by the team from AR Design Studio responds to the customer brief by focusing on good architecture and how much it can restore health.

If you look closely at the latest project by British firm, AR Design Studio AR Design Studio, Four Views in Winchester, you would be inclined to say yes.

The designers did their homework, researching the connection between the built environment and the psychophysical wellbeing of its occupants and the conceptual drive behind their design is the principle of the 3 Ns (nature, natural light and natural air).

All the design solutions seek to connect with the environment. The glazed walls let in natural light and air, giving far-reaching views on three sides, helping the occupants look forward to the future, and another view onto the inner courtyard, a place for pause and reflection. These four views give the house its name.

The floor plan has been flipped, with the living zone upstairs, where skylights flood it with natural light and the homeowners can enjoy the stunning views. The bedrooms are on the ground floor, a cosy retreat looking onto the garden. 

Cedar wood is used throughout, cladding the exterior and the interior, providing a soothing sense of welcome and peace. This is a positive house to live in. 

Project: AR Design Studio http://ardesignstudio.co.uk/
Location: Winchester, UK
Year: 2014
Photography: Courtesy of AR Design Studio


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