Form follows Position, Zillerplus at the Architekturgalerie München


Florian Holzherr, Hartmut Nägele,



Projects that draw your attention to the location rather than the actual buildings.

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Form follows Position, Zillerplus at the Architekturgalerie München Projects that draw your attention to the location rather than the actual buildings. This is the focus of “Form follows position”, an exhibition at the Architekturgalerie München presenting the German architecture and urban planning firm, Zillerplus. 

The appropriate response of architecture to its surrounding environment is one of the currently debated key issues in a world where the buildable area is an increasingly precious resource, particularly in cities, meaning architects and designers need to think of intelligent and attentive ways to use the land. This concept forms the basis for the modus operandi of German architecture and urban planning firm, Zillerplus being presented in the exhibition “Form follows Position” that opened a few days ago at the Architekturgalerie München.
How can architecture appropriately respond to the urban context of building activities that have grown for centuries? How and where must new architecture submit to the existing buildings and how can it create its own new identity? The exhibition is formed around these crucial questions that Zillerplus - founded in 1999 by Michael Ziller, architect and urban planner - also addresses in their everyday work, looking for existing structures that have often been developed for practical and functional reasons. 
So, Zillerplus responds with architecture that is often pragmatic and occasionally radical and innovative but that always engage with their location. This design approach is communicated in the exhibition through the photos taken by Hartmut Nägele: large-format shots of the projects completed and under construction in Munich and Hamburg. The selection of the projects reflects the range of residential buildings and clients, which include housing cooperatives, an association of builder-owners and even a property developer. Because everyone has to live, regardless of the construction budget and location, as we can see in the exhibition's three sections: “As natural as possible. As innovative as necessary” presents a solution for community living of a cooperative in the middle of parkland. “Architecture defines the city and the space we want to inhabit” is about density and landscape through the project designed as part of a competitive bid for a new district in the northern part of Munich, while “Love at second sight is deeper and more honest” covers the masterplan for pedestrian lanes in a residential neighbourhood of the Bavarian city.

Christiane Bürklein

Exhibition: Form follows Position
2 February to 03 March 2018
Architekturgalerie München, Germany
Find out more: http://www.architekturgalerie-muenchen.de/programm/aktuell/
Images of the exhibition: Florian Holzherr – projects Zillerplus: Hartmut Nägele

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