DROPS installation designed by Cosimo Scotucci in Caorle, Italy

Cosimo Scotucci,

Caorle. Italy,




DROPS, installation designed by architect and artist Cosimo Scotucci and created as part of the Artist in Residence cultural programme promoted by the "Scogliera Viva - Sculpting the sea" association and the municipality of Caorle, in Veneto, is a land art intervention that enriches the city's coastline. A work that expertly combines glass art with technological progress, in a unique emotional experience.

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DROPS installation designed by Cosimo Scotucci in Caorle, Italy
Here at Livegreenblog, we have a soft spot for land art, in other words that sensitive art-form that fits into the landscape, seamlessly becoming part of it, making us notice details that were previously invisible, speaking to us of the intimate connection of the human being with the earth and nature. Sensitive interventions such as the one created in Caorle - a quaint coastal hamlet in Italy's Veneto region - by Cosimo Scotucci, Italian architect and artist based in Rotterdam, have a value that goes far beyond the event itself: in fact, those who come in contact with the DROPS installation take a magical memory with them.
But let's take a closer look at what is behind this installation that has enriched the stay of the many visitors who frequent the famous Venetian town of Caorle as a destination for their summer holidays. DROPS, as Cosimo Scotucci explains, “is an installation, made of photoluminescent glass drops scattered on Caorle's coastal cliff, which absorb light during the day and release it at night, transforming a defence system against tides into a social and artistic infrastructure”. The design of the installation - in other words the composition of coloured drops - recalls the footprint left by waves after their passage. During the day, the installation presents itself as a mosaic that pays tribute to the rather famous Venetian mosaic art because, let's be honest, which of us has not admired the mosaics that adorn the Basilica of San Marco?
At night, on the other hand, the scenography changes completely and the glass drops, enriched with a photoluminescent pigment - thus taking the most famous and traditional material of the Venetian area and giving it a touch of innovation - release a magical light that transforms the seascape into a dream-like panorama. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the artist positioned his work on the darkest side of the cliff.
In addition to the light show that offers observers the chance to admire an installation of great visual and emotional impact, which in turn helps amplify the extraordinary natural beauty of the coast with a consequent increase in attraction for visitors, the installation also has important practical implications: this part of the cliff, gently illuminated by DROPS, becomes a safer place to enjoy even during the evening hours. All without those problems typically tied to classic lighting solutions, which can be practical, but are also harmful to insects and animals as a source of light pollution.
For years, Cosimo Scotucci has been committed to making our world a better place, a place where the coexistence between nature and human beings does not create friction, instead being based on respect for the environment (link). Not surprisingly, the artist and architect defines DROPS as “A journey into the future”: “The Future is the place where we project all our dreams. Is it possible to envision today the World of Tomorrow?” As we can see, when you have the sensitivity to involve people regardless of their background in an immersive experience made with really simple and sustainable means, it really doesn't take much.
DROPS is part of the Artist in Residence cultural programme promoted by the "Scogliera Viva - Sculpting the sea" association and the municipality of Caorle. Now in its 20th edition, the latter is an international outdoor sculpture prize aimed at enhancing the cliff that divides the town's historic centre from the Adriatic sea, transforming it into a genuine open-air contemporary art gallery.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Cosimo Scotucci
Location: Caorle, Italy
Year: 2021
Images: courtesy of Cosimo Scotucci
Additional information: https://www.scoglieraviva.com/


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