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MVRDV, Eskew Dumez Ripple, Marco Pesce,


The “best of Livegreenblog” is back and we this time we are showcasing the best urban recovery projects, from Seoul in South Korea, through Asti in Italy and ending in New Orleans, USA.

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Best of Livegreenblog: urban recovery The “best of Livegreenblog” is back and we this time we are showcasing the best urban recovery projects, from Seoul in South Korea, through Asti in Italy and ending in New Orleans, USA.

Urban recovery is an incredibly topical issue and can take many different shapes and forms, and more particularly its scale can be extremely varied. The common denominator is the use of architecture and urban planning as drivers of social change in cities, neighbourhoods, streets and even homes. Here are three projects that we really liked so far this year.
In the first place, Skygarden Seoullo 7017 by MVRDV in Seoul. The transformation of a 983 metre long flyover into a lush botanical garden with more than 200 local plant species and the conversion of an existing urban infrastructure into a shared green space in Seoul. It took just two years for the Rotterdam-based architecture firm, MVRDV to turn a flyover built in the 1970s and no longer responding to safety standards into its exact opposite. Skygarden Seoullo 7017 is a real urban park with playgrounds and facilities for young and old, a real lush walkway over the streets of Seoul and the locals have really taken to it.
Links: http://www.floornature.com/blog/ha-aperto-skygarden-seoullo-7017-di-mvrdv-seoul-12707/
On the other hand, in Asti, Piedmont we have the premises of the cultural association and co-working space called FuoriLuogo. This is the restoration of the “Ex palestra Muti”, a former sports centre stripped of all its equipment and functions - to bring it back into “urban use”. Here each element has been carefully considered with a specific time frame, and they can be easily dismantled and remounted elsewhere to assure the reversibility of this operation for other possible future uses of the property.
Links: http://www.floornature.com/blog/fuoriluogo-architectural-and-cultural-experience-asti-12596/
The Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center in the heart of New Orleans designed by Eskew Dumez Ripple has achieved LEED Silver environmental certification but it is also a great example of “community building”. The library is located in the Broadmoor neighbourhood of New Orleans, where flooding from Hurricane Katrina in 2016 was particularly devastating. The original plan of a former mayor called for returning certain areas of the city to green space but residents fought for their homes and to have their community library rebuilt - important to help lead the city's rebirth and its community life
The innovative construction is closely connected to the city's fabric and brings alternative educational programmes and technology to the district, confirming the importance of these architectural and cultural operations in reconstructing areas struck by natural disaster as well as for urban recovery in general.
Links: http://www.floornature.com/blog/rosa-f-keller-library-and-community-center-aia-ala-2017-12674/

Christiane Bürklein

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