Architecture and sport: A boxing gym in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Architecture and sport: A boxing gym in Chihuahua, Mexico.
Mexican architecture firm Urbánika has designed a gym for boxing enthusiasts in the city of Chihuahua. A place where people can share their passion for sport and leave their everyday hardships outside.

Sport and architecture: a combination not restricted to major works like the World Cup 2014 stadiums or the futuristic creations built for the Olympics.

The project by Urbánika for a boxing gym in a tough neighbourhood like Chihuahua, is proof positive that even on a tight budget, a little work and local materials go a long way to carving out spaces for leisure and improving the quality of life.

This municipal facility replaces the former improvised structures, turning the site into a protected gym where locals can gather to train and to fight in the ring.

The concrete bricks on the façade have been rotated slightly from their centreline, to give it a rough, handcrafted pattern, partly referencing the rough skin of a boxer and stressing the handcrafted artistry of the textural work.

A photographer was invited to take shots of the boxers and coaches, leveraging the ties between users and building, which has turned into a real social and public amenity. Actually, the gym designed by Urbánika has become the community’s new heart.

Project: Urbánika 
Year: 2012/13

Area: 659 m2
Location: Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Mexico

Client: Municipio de Chihuahua / Instituto Municipal de Deporte / CONADE
Coordination: IMPLAN
Photography: Guadalupe Campos / Theo Leinad
Design: Federico Campos, Oscar Chávez

Project Team: Leoncio Ceballos, Ana Lucia Lozoya, Jose Sánchez, Lorena Méndez
 / Supervisión: Humberto Mendoza, Adriana Baca
Structural Engineers: Ing. Mario Aragón
Electrical wiring and lighting: GYA Consultores
MEO: Arq. Myrna Ortega

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