A beach house. La Caracola by Paul Cremoux studio.



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A beach house. La Caracola by Paul Cremoux studio.
Mexican architect firm, Paul Cremoux studio explores everyday living without traditional restrictions, in an ongoing engagement between interiors and exteriors. These spatial relations merge with sustainable design in La Caracola.

In order to get the most out of the location in the heart of golf course on Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coastline, Paul Cremoux came up with a house formed of a set of bare concrete boxes stacked on top of and next to each other. This has given every room has a great view.

The focal point of the house is the large, open patio on the ground floor, alongside a stone swimming pool that sits flush with the landscape, like a watery rug, again blurring the lines between indoors and outdoor. 

The master bedroom has been designed as a concrete “tube” with a shaded deck, acting as a vent for natural ventilation. This provides a breeze that flows through the house, making air-conditioning superfluous.

This sustainable solution is integrated with the orientation of the volumes and the recessed windows to control sunlight inside. 

La Caracola is an example of low environmental impact design sitting in the middle of a verdant landscape: the golf course.

Project: Paul Cremoux W., http://paulcremoux.com/
Project Manager: José Ignacio Echeverría
Special design furniture: Greta Hauser
Location: Club de Golf Tres Vidas, Guerrero México
Photography: PCW and Roberto Betrán


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