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3XN's Museum of Liverpool: More than a Museum.
In the words of architect, Kim Herforth Nielsen the Museum of Liverpool is much more than just the largest national museum to be built in the UK in over 100 years, and situated on a UNESCO World Heritage Site next to Liverpool’s famous “Three Graces", it also serves as a meeting point for history, the city of Liverpool and visitors from around the globe.

Liverpool is known all over the world for its port, for the Beatles and for football. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors ever year, and now it also has a new landmark, located in the old port that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

Danish architecture praxis 3XN was awarded the contract to build the new national Museum on the Mersey river, in the heart of the city.
The firm’s creative director, Kim Herforth Nielsen, describes the project as a “nexus”: a contemporary structure that enters into dialogue with the historical buildings and that physically connects the harbour promenade with the Albert Dock.

The dynamic, low-rise structure adds a new landmark to Liverpool’s skyline and also marks a new frontier in the construction of major eco-sustainable projects.

Working alongside the project’s engineer, Buro Happold, they developed solutions to improve the building’s carbon footprint, considering: the site, amortisation and carbon emissions.

The use of a combined heat and power (CHP) system (a bio-fuel and natural gas cogeneration system situated in an existing building next door), the improved thermal transmittance (U-value) of the glazing and of the building in general, combined with a smart lighting system, have all helped the Museum of Liverpool cover more than 35% of the British sustainability laws (Building Regulations, Part L 2006) for new buildings.

So, not only is the museum a symbol of Liverpool’s ongoing regeneration, it is also an example of responsible building.

Architect: 3XN
Engineer: Buro Happold
Address: Mann Island, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Client: National Museums Liverpool
Size: 13.000 m2
Year: 2011
Photos: Courtesy of 3XN, photographers José Campos, Pete Carr, Philip Handforth, Adam Moerk (model).


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