Blanchardstown Shopping Centre - Red Mall

Architects A&D Wejchert,


Free Time, Shopping Centers,

Place: Blanchardstown, Ireland
Design: A&D Wejchert Architects
Surface area of work: 9500 sq. m
Materials supplier: TileStyle

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre - Red Mall Inside, the care devoted to decor earned the "Best use of Tile in a Construction Contract" prize for TileStyle, the Irish retailer of GranitiFiandre materials.
This leading Italian flooring company's materials were chosen for the previous Blanchardstown building phases by Graham Dwyer of the A&D Wejchert Architects studio. The architect, in collaboration with GranitiFiandre's Design and Production team, was responsible for the refined solutions in the choice of materials and in planning designs for the flooring.
They are characterised by the combination of Black Galaxy and Rosa Monforte, in semi-circular, concentric and quadrangular geometric forms that particularly highlight the width and spaciousness of the environments, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere suitable for a fashionable shopping centre.

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