Biotop, Georg W. Reinberg. Weidling (Austria), 2003

Georg W. Reinberg,


Housing, Ville,

Wood, Glass,


Relationship with the surrounding environment, special energy control solutions, appropriate choice of technologies and materials: the project constructed in Weidling, Austria by Reinberg of Vienna is an exemplary case of "responsible" design pursuing the goal of sustainable development.

Biotop, Georg W. Reinberg. Weidling (Austria), 2003 The pool, in part of which bathing is permitted, is surrounded by paths and wooden platforms permitting direct contact with nature.
Rainwater collected from the roofs is directed to the ground and returned to the soil at particular points, with borders planted according to an overall landscaping plan. The well-insulated inner walls and the thermal performance of the glass reduce heat loss to a minimum.

Air flows in through interrupted channels and is heated or cooled, as required.
Incoming air is let into the offices and then conveyed into the winter garden before being "absorbed" by the utility rooms. The glass wall on the southern side passively captures the warmth of the sun in winter, which is accumulated in the mass of the building or let into the internal air circulation system through a heat exchanger. Water is heated by a series of solar collectors on the façade.
The project came in first in the Fassa Bortolo international "Sustainable Architecture" competition .

The judges found the project to be the best expression of the principles stated in the competition announcement, in terms of respect for the surrounding environment, functionality, integration with the surrounding landscape, and expression of the values of contemporary culture.

Laura Della Badia

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