Bigo, Renzo Piano. Genoa. 1992

Renzo Piano,


The Bigo, built to mark the five hundredth anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America, became a big tourist attraction right away and is now a symbol of the city of Genoa, its port and its close relationship with the sea.

Bigo, Renzo Piano. Genoa. 1992 The name Bigo refers to a shipyard crane in Genoese dialect. The structural core of this unusual construction is a podium under the water in the dockyard, out of which two groups of arms linked by a labyrinth of cables emerge and fan out.
These tapered arms are the structure's key feature: their different lengths create a design which is highly varied and complex but very harmonious. The biggest of them, 70 metres long, supports the cable of the panoramic lift.
All the arms are anchored to the structure's foundations below sea level in the port.

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