Berlin Central Station. Meinhard von Gerkan. 2006

Meinhard von Gerkan,

Berlin, Germany,


Glass, Steel,

A new piece has been added to the mosaic of buildings, installations and urban icons that make up the "fabric" of Berlin and define its skyline: Meinhard von Gerkan and Jürgen Hillmer's new central station took ten years to build and cost more than 700 million euros.

Berlin Central Station. Meinhard von Gerkan. 2006 Inside one of the galleries, under the big barrel-vaulted ceiling, is the station hall, whose columns meet the platforms between the tracks.
Special solutions have been used in the roof, which is made up of square units to the east-west side and photovoltaic panels to the south.
Europe's largest railway station, with up to 1100 trains a day, is also a shopping centre on three levels and a jewel of architecture.

Laura Della Badia


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