Bergoase wellness centre. Mario Botta. Arosa (Switzerland). 2006

Mario Botta,


Hotel, Sport & Wellness,

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In the extraordinary setting of Arosa, set in a natural hollow surrounded by mountains, Bergoase wellness centre at the Grand Hotel Tschuggen is an unprecedented construction in which architecture seems to grow out of the mountain, sharing space with the trees and playing with the bright light of sun and snow.

Bergoase wellness centre. Mario Botta. Arosa (Switzerland). 2006 Working on the existing hotel site, the Ticino architect imagined and built a construction with strong visual impact in the garden between the hotel and the mountain.
The entire wellness centre is underground; all we can see from outside is a spectacular roof with geometric plant shapes. The unusual skylights like big leaves let the white light of snowy days into the centre, creating a truly magical atmosphere in the underground rooms.
This unusual solution demonstrates respect for the village that surrounds it: the wellness centre is invisible except for its "extensions" of clear glass and plant shapes.
In this "forest" architecture seems to attempt to imitate its surroundings, taking on the ancestral forms of angular vegetation. Inside, the centre has a flexible layout made up of a series of modules in a single big open space.
The various parts of the Bergoase centre have uninterrupted relationships with each other and communicate with the outdoors via the skylights on the roof. The centre measures a total of 5300 square metres and also includes outdoor spaces such as a solarium and a swimming pool, which are accessible directly from the indoor swimming pool area and located on a terrace entirely surrounded by nature.
The wellness centre is linked with the hotel via a glass and steel walkway, likewise designed to emphasise the complex's light weight and transparency.
A big wall of natural stone establishes a relationship with the ground and provides the necessary parking space.
In this breathtaking setting, the Bergoase spa is a true mountain oasis, with renovated rooms and suites offering the utmost comfort and all the convenience of a private ski lift. The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is a member of "The Leading Hotels of the World", an international association of luxury hotels that has been in operation for 78 years. In this fairy-tale atmosphere visitors are clearly invited to let themselves go and dream as soon as they see the building.

Laura Della Badia

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