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The architect borrows the title of Kafka’s famous book “The Metamorphosis”; to describe the transformation of an existing building into a poetic black house.

Ben Ryuki Miyagi, VILLA METAMORPHOSIS About 100 miles north of New York City, near Woodstock and the Catskills, architect Ben Ryuki Miyagi has transformed an existing home with a flat roof into a new construction incorporating such unusual elements as three cupolas and end wings shaped like birds’ beaks. The project also includes the House of Solitude, Sky Mirror and Tower Gate; together, the four constructions look like alien objects that have just been dropped from outer space into this quiet setting. Villa Metamorphosis in particular is closed at the back, facing the trees and the Catskill Mountains, and open at the front to provide views over the lake. Though highly sculpturalin form, the project is based on practical requirements; for instance, the architect decided not to make any windows on the north side to keep out prying eyes, while creating large skylights on the roof to let daylight inside.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Ben Ryuki Miyagi, Tokyo / New York
Location: New York State, USA


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