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The idea behind the design of Joan Maragall library by BCQ arquitectura of Barcelona may be summed up in the expression "Garden of Light", the title under which the architects presented their project in the competition for ideas.

BCQ arquitectura  Joan Maragall Library Barcellona

"Garden of Light” is the idea behind the architectural project by BCQ arquitectura for Joan Maragall library in Barcelona.
The architects wished to preserve the existing garden of Villa Florida, building the library underneath it while still managing to fill it with light.
The level of the existing garden is the same as the library’s roof garden, ensuring that the site still maintains the level of Villa Florida.
The existing difference in level between the garden and Via Sant Gervasi de Cassoles is used to create the library entrance. Inside, the spaces are arranged around two main courtyards, the first of which is called "the courtyard of light and silence" because the big window lights up the spaces with daylight while isolating them from the noise of the road. The second is called "the courtyard of books and knowledge" because it is made up of solids which form a part of the building’s weight-bearing structure while also containing books.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architects: BCQ arquitectura Barcelona (David Baena, Toni Casamor, Maria Taltavull, Manel Peribáñez)
Architects collaborators: Alexandre Liberato, Jordi Sánchez, Vasco Mourão, Roser Marí, Jordi Rodríguez
Landscape Design: Mika Iitomi
Location: Barcellona, Spain

Images courtesy of BCQ arquitectura Barcelona - ph.Ariel Ramírez / BCQ arquitectura Barcelona



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