B&B Italia Store. Milan. Antonio Citterio & Partners. 2004

Antonio Citterio,


Store, Free Time,

Glass, Cement,

Antonio Citterio's new store for the well-known design firm in central Milan is built on three levels in a '60s building.

B&B Italia Store. Milan. Antonio Citterio & Partners. 2004 Something of a cross between architect and designer, Citterio dedicates special attention to the work of the industrial designer, making an important contribution to definition of the company's image.
In this project, the goal was first of all to restore unity to the building, which had previously been occupied by two separate stores; the architect chose to create a space on three levels: an underground level, ground level and one level above ground, providing a total floor space of 1700 square metres.
Another goal was to create a highly characteristic environment with an obvious personality of its own; this intention governed both the choice of materials for interior finishes and the solutions employed on the façade.

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