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Building type: Spa complex including 4 spa baths, massage and treatment rooms, steam rooms, gym and hydrotherapy
Location: Bath, United Kingdom
Date project began: February 1997
Completion date: October 2002
Overall area: 3,650 sq. m
Structural dimensions: Cube dimensions : 16 x 16 x 16m
Contract value: £ 10.5 m
Team: Nick Grimshaw (director in charge), Florian Eames (project director), Miriam Fitzpatrick (project architect), Chris Butler, Simon Dickens, Neill McClements, Mark Middleton, Leonard Milford, Diane Murdoch, Benedict O'Looney, David Pryce, Jerry Tate, Andrew Whalley Consultants Client: Bath and North East Somerset Council & Thermae Development Company bv
Structural engineer: Ove Arup & Partners
Quantity surveyor: Bath and North East Somerset Council
Services engineer: Ove Arup & Partners
Conservation architect: Donald Insall Associates
Project manager: Bath and North East Somerset Council
Energy study: Ove Arup & Partners
Façade engineering: Ove Arup & Partners
Water treatment specialists: Ove Arup & Partners
Lighting consultants: Speirs and Major
Right of light consultant: Anstey Home
Artist: Vong Phaophanit
Advisor: British Spa Federation Medical Division
Construction Team: Mowlems (Ernest Ireland Ltd)

Bath Spa The relationship between the non-rectilinear outside surface of glass and the inner geometrical stone cube is similar to the work of Decimus Burton in Wood's Hot Bath. On the ground floor, the curving swimming pool is lit by daylight filtered through the translucent exterior facade; it is marked by four mushroom-head columns supporting the three floors above up to the terrace on which there is an open-air pool overlooking the surrounding greenery.
The four columns crossing all the floors are the main recurring features. Around them, curved transparent partitions divide the sauna areas, permitting customers to see outside and at the same ensuring their privacy. The new spa has been designed to offer a complete range of thermal treatments. In addition to rheumatic and muscular disorders, skin and respiratory ailments are also treated..
The project is based on the concept of natural healing and makes use of sustainable energy sources using the maximum heat of the water and the properties of the materials.

Laura Puliti

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