Conference Centre

David Gaggero,


FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Retraining,

Architectural project: David Gaggero
Assistants: Maria Teresa Paoa, Daniele Marafetti
Structural project: Elio Longo, Agostino Molfino
Surface area: 3,900 sq. m.
Volume: 24,200 m3
Electrical and Acoustic Installations: Paolo Pinceti
Plumbing System and Climate Control: Marco Cartesegna
Construction: Makinen Venture Corporation ltda Preliminary project: 2000
Final project: 2000
Executive project: 2001
Start of construction: June 2001
Completion of work: October 2003

Bata <br> Conference Centre Decorative elements are used to underline the architects' choices.
Careful attention was paid to flooring, using special high pressure water jet work to add colour and value to the work, designed by the architect in collaboration with the design office at Iris Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.
The flooring was made with Navona, for the background, and Persiano Rosso and Persiano Giallo and Nero Maquinia for the stripes and decorations. The architect's ideas were ideally supported by the company's expertise, so that, in addition to the improved technical performance guaranteed by FMG slabs, it was possible to complete the flooring and decoration exactly the way the architect intended it.

Architect David Gaggero has been working with Makinen Venture Corporation Ltda since 2000, working on several of the company's most important projects in Equatorial Guinea in recent years, including Sofitel President Palace Hotel in Malabo, the Presidential Villa in Mongomo, the Mongomo Cemetery Mausoleum and the redevelopment and expansion of the Bata Conference Centre.

Andrea Hoff

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