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Projects, solutions and new ideas applied to architecture by international designers, critically analysed with explanatory images. A selection of the most interesting buildings and research on today’s architectural scene, to make sure you don’t miss any of the new developments in architectural culture. Floornature constantly updates, exhibits and catalogues this overview of international architecture and the great architects of today.

Curated by Mara Corradi

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Antonio Barbieri and Francesco Gazzotti, Camouflaged modularity


Antonio Barbieri and Francesco Gazzotti, Camouflaged modularity

In the competition for redevelopment of the parks in Rome's Eur district, architect Antonio...

Antonio Barbieri<br> Chiarini, The temporary shop


Antonio Barbieri
Chiarini, The temporary shop

Chiarini is a Florence company that is making a name for itself with its young, colourful bags,...

Focus on light


Focus on light

Antonio Barbieri, renovation of a loft in London.The East End flat of two young...

Peter Kulka: Dresden Regional Parliament


Peter Kulka: Dresden Regional Parliament

The Dresden Regional Parliament is a milestone in the city's urban landscape: the result of a bold...

Hotel restaurant


Hotel restaurant "Franco e Adriana"

Location: Pieve di Ledro (TN) - ItalyArchitect: Studio Barillari & Pellegrini...

Samyn and Partners,<br> Service station in Houten, Netherlands


Samyn and Partners,
Service station in Houten, Netherlands

In 1997 the oil company ¿Fina Europe¿ commissioned Samyn and Partners to design the Houten...

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