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Projects, solutions and new ideas applied to architecture by international designers, critically analysed with explanatory images. A selection of the most interesting buildings and research on today’s architectural scene, to make sure you don’t miss any of the new developments in architectural culture. Floornature constantly updates, exhibits and catalogues this overview of international architecture and the great architects of today.

Curated by Mara Corradi

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Sazka Arena - Prague<br> 2004 - Helika Prague


Sazka Arena - Prague
2004 - Helika Prague

It took only 19 months to build one of Europe's most modern, functional stadiums in Prague: Sazka...

Luisa Spagnoli boutique


Luisa Spagnoli boutique

Location: Campo San Bartolomeo, VeniceClient: Fabi SpaProject date:...

FLUID,<br> Architetti Associati


Architetti Associati

"It heightens touch. Or rather it heightens the need to touch," Michele Marchese, a 46...

Food + Coffee. ISV. Athens. 2004


Food + Coffee. ISV. Athens. 2004

Ioannou-Sotiropoulos-Van Gilder, known as ISV, has converted an anonymous '70s restaurant into a...

Fireworks Dublin


Fireworks Dublin

Progetto: Liam O'Dwyer Superficie: 400 mq Realizzazione: 2003 ...

Luis Barragán, Tlalpan Chapel, Mexico City


Luis Barragán, Tlalpan Chapel, Mexico City

The chapel built for the Capuchinas Sacramentarias del Purisimo Corazon de Maria is a product of...

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