Bamboo Pavilion – sustainable architecture for Shanghai 2010

Vo Trong Nghia,


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The Vietnam pavilion built by architect Vo Trong Nghia for Expo Shanghai 2010 is an ecological, economical construction. The material employed, bamboo, is a renewable resource found everywhere in southern Asia.

Bamboo Pavilion – sustainable architecture for Shanghai 2010 The organisers of Expo Shanghai 2010 offered Vietnam a lot with an unused warehouse on it for construction of the country’s national pavilion. The appointed architect, Vo Trong Nghia, decided to preserve the existing structure and cover it with a new structure made entirely of bamboo: an ecological material traditional in Vietnam which is easy to find all over southern Asia and grows quickly, making it a renewable resource. On the outside, bamboo helps shelter the pavilion from the sun, insulating the structure against the heat, while on the inside it offers visitors the visual and tactile sensation of being in a forest.  In accordance with the Expo slogan "Better city, better life", sustainability was the key concept inspiring the project, with the intention of demonstrating how living in harmony with nature, with respect for the water, light and wind, is the very essence of Vietnamese culture.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Vo Trong Nghia Co. Ltd.
Photographs: Vo Trong Nghia
Location: Shanghai, China


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