Autosalone Volkswagen Trieste

Studio Bradaschia,



Glass, Porcelain Tile,


Location: Trieste, Italy
client: Eurocar Italia srl, Eurocar Immobili srl
A Porsche Inter Auto company, Salzburg (Austria)
architect: Maurizio Bradaschia (Studio Bradaschia Srl Trieste)
assistants: architects Graziella Grasso, Viviana Magnarin and Manuela Sabatti; engineers Marco Serio, Marco Gnesda Jr.
Materials employed: GranitiFiandre porcelain stoneware flooring
structures: Stefano Patuanelli, engineer
plants: Andrea Rapotti, engineer
tester: Fausto Benussi, engineer
timeline: 2005-2006 – planning, 2006-2007 - construction
budget: Euro 5,000,000.00

Autosalone Volkswagen Trieste The project for the Volkswagen building – the most complex of the three – involved conversion of a former car showroom flanked by offices and a garage.
The new building, made of concrete with glass infill on a steel and sheet metal structure, is built on three levels and expresses architectural choices representing Volkswagen’s "family feeling", conveying the idea of aesthetic and "technical/climatic" quality conveyed with colours and materials such as glass, steel and the porcelain stoneware used for the flooring in the building. The flooring material was custom-designed by GranitiFiandre - a company with a history of working on prestigious projects – in the brand’s colours: 60x60 natural VW Grey, 60x60 natural VW Red and 30x30 natural Anthrazit.
In addition to the transparency ensuring continuity between workspaces, showroom and garage, another key to the project is the open floor plan allowing visitors to move around in a space organised like a city, with a central plaza accessible via an entrance door and open spaces on multiple levels.

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