Audi Zentrum


Location: Vaihingen, Stuttgart, Germany
Designer: Hoppe, Sommer & Partner Kapp

Audi Zentrum The exterior coverings with their undulation, recall the technical perfection of the first aeronautical constructions or the mechanical precision of metal buildings.

For the flooring, the Hoppe Sommer & Partners studio has selected in the same pragmatic spirit porcelainized grès in elements of medium-sized format to ensure maximum resistant.
The material, due to its structural characteristics, unites mechanical strength, widely represented by the use of steel, with the precise calibration of pieces expressed contemporaneously by the utilization of many elements in aluminium, from door and window frames to sun-shades.
The interior flooring in spite of its glossy finish, displays a material quality and a chromatic constancy unattainable with traditional stone materials.

Techniques, materials and structural details tend not so much to merely constitute a shell as to express within themselves a precise production philosophy that admits no deviations from a search for perfection carried to the extreme.
It remains to be asked whether this operation is licit, whether the architect can be utilized so directly as a marketing tool.
These questions are not insignificant ones, since they clearly involve a deeply-rooted conception of places that appears overwhelmed by a more obvious identity of the products of daily consumption, which have become the renewed symbols of a new urban concept.


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