Audi Dealership





Location: Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Designer: Arch. Giancarlo Marzorati
Materials: Ariostea High Tech - Reseller Negrini Ceramiche
Structural project: Eng. Stefano Rossi
Technological systems: Aerre Consulting
Builders: Crea Impresa Generale di Costruzioni
Façades and window and door frames: Serawall
Wooden flooring: Fast Wood
Mechanical systems: Ferrario
Electrical systems: Simel
Dividing walls, interior walls/furnishings: Terby

Audi Dealership The whole of the main space is finished in beech and maple and in "Pietra Piasentina" high tech stone, extending into the area behind, which is differentiated with use of porcelain stoneware.
The combination of these two main materials gives the area a warm, cosy, home-like feel while offering maximum resistance and durability.
The selected materials, "Pietra Piasentina" and porcelain stoneware, are produced by Ariostea, and are the fruit of a complex, advanced process which is continually evolving with the aim of maintaining the beauty of marble and stone and enriching it with excellent resistance and durability.
Both marbles and manufactured stones are made exclusively out of natural raw materials and minerals subjected to very high pressures and temperatures to ensure that they are compact and even throughout their entire thickness, and are perfect for high wear areas such as the Audi dealership, offering easy maintenance and preserving their beauty over time.
The simplicity of stone creates an intriguing contrast with the warm hues of beech and maple, forming circles on the floor in a reference to the famous Audi logo.
Other elements of the construction take up the theme: the round outer windows cut into the corrugated sheet metal covering the rear facade and the round steel pillars on the first floor.
The building fits perfectly into its context in the industrial area, following its rules but standing out for its beauty, especially in the evening when artificial lighting enhances the permeable appearance of the building from the outside too.

Laura Puliti

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