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Asymptote stands out as a pioneer of the most advanced digital architectural representation technologies. Founded by Lise Anne Couture and Hani Rashid in New York, the studio is an international partnership with an approach based on understanding of its clients’ different needs, as expressions of a multiform society that demands understanding and support.
Its work ranges from plans for urban areas to industrial design, from cultural centres to installations and projects falling somewhere between architecture and art. Advanced project viewing systems are combined with cutting-edge engineering solutions that take the criteria of environmental sustainability into account. Its dedication to research has driven Asymptote to implement its futuristic projects with a multidisciplinary approach producing experimental, visionary images.
For these reasons, a number of the New York studio’s works have been included in private collections and exhibited in world-class museums such as MOMA in New York, the Netherlands Institute of Architecture (NAI), the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Frac Centre in Orléans and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Asymptote has won numerous international awards, including the AIA NY chapter award, the Middle Eastern Architecture Awards, Le Grand Prix de l’Architecture in Paris and the 2004 Frederic Keisler Prize.
Asymptote Architecture selected works and projects
- ARC River Culture Multimedia Theater Pavilion, Daegu (South Korea), 2012
- 166 Perry Street Residences, New York (USA), 2010
- Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi (UAE), 2009
- VW Knowledge Gate Installation and Computer Generated Information Design,
Wolfsburg (Germany), 2006
- Alessi flagship store, New York (USA), 2006
- Metamorph Installations and Exhibition Design, Architecture Biennale, Venice (Italy), 2004
- Carlos Miele flagship store, New York (USA), 2003
- “Moving Pictures” exhibition, Bilbao (Spain), 2003
- HydraPier Pavilion, Haarlemmermeer (the Netherlands), 2002
- “Domestic Space in Spanish Contemporary Architecture” exhibition, Madrid (Spain), 2000
- Guggenheim Virtual Museum, 2000
- Virtual-reality 3D Trading Floor for the New York Stock Exchange, New York (USA), 1999

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Zanchi: In creating a personal architecture, what is the relationship between materials and shape?

Josep Llinàs: I cannot have a rational application for the material. I prefer another kind of relation. I think that, for instance, the materials made with water, natural materials, are in this moment a little out of the contemporaneous, but they still have a very attractive quality which is the possibility of disappearing, because they change with time and then disappear.
This is a quality that persons also have, we are also made out of water. I prefer this relationship, where you can see the end, rather than materials that never finish their history like glass or aluminium, they are eternal materials but horrible in my opinion.
That means something important, the relationship between local and global culture; maybe the local one is in relation with the water and the global culture is closer to technical materials, it is more sophisticated but in the end they have this bad quality.

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