Asti Hospital

Vittorio Francesco Valletti,

Asti, Italy,


Town: Asti, Italy
Customer: Piemonte Region ASL (Local Health Company) n° 19 of Asti
Procedure Head: Ing. Carla Pettazzi
Design team
Preliminary and final architectural project: arch. Vittorio Francesco Valletti, ing. Marco Vitali
Static calculation: ing. Vittorio Cappato, ing. Maurizio Di Nardo
Electrical systems: ing. Luigi Berti
Mechanical systems: ing. Leopoldo d'Inzeo
Automated systems: ing. Egisto Griffa
System co-ordination: prof. Cesare Boffa
Executive project and Site management: arch. Vittorio Francesco Valletti, ing. Marco Vitali, arch. Alberto Ghigo, ing. Vittorio Cappato, ing. Leopoldo d'Inzeo, ing. Luigi Berti, ing. Egisto Griffa
Gross floor area: 124,893 m²
Total volume: 513,639 m³

Asti Hospital Dedicated to Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia, the new Asti hospital is an extraordinarily interesting urban complex, unavoidably invasive due to its size but well aware of the role it plays and harmoniously integrated into the urban surroundings.
The architectural project, developed by the architect Vittorio Francesco Valletti and the engineer Marco Vitali, comprised a complex built on steep slope, with three floors above ground in its highest part and an overall area of 130,000 m². The aim was to create a modern hospital featuring a modern layout and leading-edge equipment, based on strength, precision, solidity and a long lifetime.

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