ASA studio Albanese, Neores complex in Schio, Italy

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The Neores production plant and administrative offices are located in Schio, an industrial town near Vicenza specialising in textiles and apparel.

ASA studio Albanese, Neores complex in Schio, Italy Surrounded by long sheds and anonymous industrial buildings, the Neores building represents a new concept in construction of productive plants that uses the latest technologies to benefit both man and the environment.
This factory of the future is a product of the genius of brothers Franco and Flavio Albanese, founders of ASA Studio, who managed to obtain the approval of young sportswear manufacturer Francesco Della Rovere thanks to a well thought-out economic and functional plan.
After a series of reflections on the working dynamics of contemporary businesses, the architects and the client agreed to confine the fully automated productive plants to the underground and provide spaces for human activities fully equipped with all the comforts in premises above ground.

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