Ariostea surface container

Le Corbusier,

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Ariostea’s Ultra Marmi and Ultra Icementi collections presented at CERSAIE 2013.

Ariostea surface container
Big boxes up to 3 m high, like a stack of ideal containers, outlined the boundaries of the Ariostea stand at CERSAIE 2013. Architect Marco Porpora came up with a route that guided visitors through the discovery of the materials lining the boxes: Paonazzetto S and Crema Marfil (from the Ultra Marmi collection)and Ivory and Bronze (from the Ultra Icementi collection) enclosed in the big treasure chests.
The giant sized Ultra 150x300 cm tiles offer architects an opportunity to cover a variety of different surfaces: floors, walls and furnishings, indoors and outdoors, going beyond Le Corbusier’s anthropometric Modulor parameters. At Cersaie, Ariostea presented a preview of Paonazzetto S in the Ultra Marmi collection: a tile only 6 mm thick featuring all the beauty and history of pure white marble with purple veins.
The sumptuousness of the Ultra Marmi collection was flanked at CERSAIE 2013 Ariostea by the warm, rough look of the Ultra iCementi collection. Ivory and Bronze give surfaces an eternal feel with a familiar, attractive look in a pleasing play of contrasts.


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