ARCHITECTS MEET in fuori biennale Venezia 2010



During the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice, presS/Tfactory_AIAC launched a proposed alternative for broadening our view of young architects on the world scene, in search of emerging talents that could become the great architects of the future.

ARCHITECTS MEET in fuori biennale Venezia 2010

The initiative, promoted by presS/Tfactory_AIAC, includes two different events. On August 27 the work of the young architects and critics who participated in the YOUNG ITALIAN ARCHITECTS competition for architects under 35 and the YOUNG CRITICS competition was presented in the aula magna of IUAV University in Venice.

During the event, awards were presented to the three winners in each competition:
2. demogo studio di architettura
3. ungroup

Special awards IUAV ALUMNI:
1. demogo studio di architettura
2. Enrico Botta
3. Alberto Corrado

The second event, BACKSTAGE ARCHITECTURE, took place in the Widmann Building, where architects under 35 from all over the world presented their work to international reporters and critics. More than forty young critics and architects selected what they considered to be the most interesting design team from their home country (preferably under35); a complete map of the architects selected and the referees has been published on the websitewww.backstage-architecture.org. The selected projects appear in the volume Worldwide Architecture, published by Utet and presented during the evening event.




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