Arata Isozaki. Qatar National Library. Doha. 2005

Arata Isozaki,

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When completed, it will be a unique landmark on the Corniche, the Doha waterfront, site of the capital's most luxurious hotels where major plans for urban renewal are currently underway: the building designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki will house the Qatar National Library, Contemporary Art Museum and Museum of Science and Natural History.

Arata Isozaki. Qatar National Library. Doha. 2005 The lot on which the complex is to be built measures over 50,000 square metres, and the building's total surface area will be 22,000 square metres.
The arrangement of the three columns at the corners of an imaginary triangle accentuates the dynamism of this imposing structure, which is also underlined by the step structure of the 7 levels, which gradually grow wider as they rise upward.
The "wings" overlooking the Corniche are longer than those at the back, so that the building looks as if it is about to "take off".

Laura Della Badia

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