Arata Isozaki: Japanese art and technology exhibition hall

Arata Isozaki,

Landscape, Factories, Offices, Sport & Wellness, Pavilions,

When he won the Kyoto prize in 1987, film director Andrzej Wajda announced his intention to build an exhibition hall for Japanese art and technology in Krakow, Poland.

Arata Isozaki: Japanese art and technology exhibition hall Japanese prints from the centre's permanent collection are displayed in semi-darkness, with exactly the required amount of light. The body of the building is twisted until its joints begin to creak, its floors to bend. The cracks produced by this process allow light to penetrate into the building's innermost meanders, so that light alone determines the functional distribution of space.
This compositional play expresses arbitrary choices, accompanied by rational use of geometry. It is precisely this great freedom of expression which gives the architecture its abstract character; but the precision of detail and aseptic use of materials typical of Isozaki's work emphasise the subjectivism of this formal play, perfectly expressed in the design of this building.

Floriana De Rosa


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