Antonio Barbieri
Chiarini, The temporary shop


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Chiarini is a Florence company that is making a name for itself with its young, colourful bags, intended to be an "easy" accessory to be changed each day to add to the elegance of one's look.

Antonio Barbieri<br> Chiarini, The temporary shop The first version of the shop is a sort of long storage area with piles of cardboard boxes held together by red straps, like the ties fixing tarpaulins on trucks, creating a simple system with a high impact and a fun look based on the idea of transferring objects from far away, giving them a new location and function.

The side walls are left white, with graphics in red tape emphasising the concept of a variable, temporary space.
The choice of only a few colours - ochre cardboard, red straps, white walls - emphasises the strength of the installation without creating confusion, so that the bags stand out, dialoguing with space and accentuating their original character each time.

Andrea Hoff

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