Antonio Barbieri and Francesco Gazzotti, Camouflaged modularity


Sport & Wellness, Bar, Factories,


In the competition for redevelopment of the parks in Rome's Eur district, architect Antonio Barbieri's practice has come up with a street furnishing system based on pursuit of two main goals arising out of the project's function and location: flexibility and integration with vegetation.

Antonio Barbieri and Francesco Gazzotti, Camouflaged modularity Glass, mirrors, grass: effects created by light passing through glass surfaces or bouncing off reflective membranes, changing colour as the weather changes to create ever-different sensations and effects.

The image created has no references, and the play of reflections is chameleon-like, taking on the colour of the day and of the environmental conditions, glossy or opaque, realistic or deformed.
It is an evocation of the window and the temptation to look at one's image.
A geometric, sampled version of the lawn element is a copy-and-paste of portions of the park appearing on the façade, which combines with light filtered through glass or reflected off mirror surfaces to resolve the skin of the architecture into a medium/mosaic in which transparencies, projections and decontextualisation appear side-by-side, leading us to reconsider volumetry, determined not by its own physicality but by the inconsistency of the image in relation to the canonical logic of vision.

Andrea Hoff

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