Anticlimax: the shattered dream of the Japanese metabolists

Fala Atelier,

Fernando Guerra,



The portuguese firm Fala Atelier has created a report-cum-installation on the Nakagin Capsule Tower and its evolution in time. Between 1972 and the current time something went wrong with the utopian dream of the Japanese metabolist movement.

Anticlimax: the shattered dream of the Japanese metabolists

Finding a place to live in Tokyo is hardly easy. Typologically, a project like the Nakagin Capsule Tower would still make sense. Created by Kurokawaand in 1972, at the time it was a new approach to the idea of urban renewal. Forty years later, it is clear that something went wrong.
It was for this reason that the Portuguese architecture firm Fala Atelier decided to document the way things stand currently and the routine of the people inside one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century. Each capsule of the Nakagin Capsule Tower was meant to last for twenty years. Forty years later, nothing has been changed yet. Many capsules have been abandoned. Some are asking for them to be demolished while others are against it.

So the Anticlimax exhibition and installation tells the story of a fallen hero , a hero made of modules and repetitions that are recalled also in the set-up consisting of scaffolding made of metal pipes located in a decadent room in the Palazzo Sinel de Cordes in Lisbon.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Palazzo Sinel de Cordes, Lisbon, Portugal
Design: Fala Atelier (Filipe Magalhães + Ana Luisa Soares)
Graphics: Sandra Shizuka + Pedro Gonçalves
Photographs: Fernando Guerra (fg+sg)


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