Anti-Doping Centre for Olympics 2006 in Turin

Studio Solmona & Vitali,



Glass, Cement,

Location: Orbassano, Turin
Designer: Ing. Marco Vitali, Arch. Edgardo Senatore - Studio Solmona & Vitali
Construction: February 2003 - February 2004
Projects: January 2002 - January 2003
Materials: Ariostea High Tech
Customer: Regional Anti-Doping Consortium

Anti-Doping Centre for Olympics 2006 in Turin Great care has been taken over not only the layout of the various areas and the way in which they interact, but also over details and finishing. The aim was to use materials that would combine appearance and high performance.
High tech stone manufactured by Ariostea was chosen for the floors: using structured finish Pietra di Barge in the interiors, laid using traditional techniques everywhere except in the library, where it was decided to install a raised floor using the same material, to maintain the same colour but give greater freedom with regard to the layout.
In fact, raised floors mean that cables and pipes can be laid without interfering either with the finished effect or with the practical aspects of the room, while permitting unimpeded access for users and rapid and easy maintenance or repair should anything go wrong.

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