Ameller and Dubois, Police Station

Luc Boegly,

Offices, Sport & Wellness,


Stone, Glass,

Ameller & Dubois completed the Provins police station after winning an architecture competition in 2008.

Ameller and Dubois, Police Station
Architects Philippe Ameller and Jacques Dubois designed a police station near the historic centre of the town of Provins.
The idea inspiring the project was to design a building with a contemporary look, a building that would be functional and comfortable, with high safety standards, but at the same time open onto the city.

The base of local stone on which the western wall rests gives the building an unusual look and underlines its importance. A metal sunshade above the stone base separates and shelters the offices.
The big panes of glass which interrupt the metal filter announce specific functions of the building on the outside, such as the gym and the meeting room. From the inside, the transparency of the glass offers beautiful panoramic views of the old town centre.

Agnese Bifulco

Design: Philippe Ameller + Jacques Dubois. Assistants: Guita Maleki, Marie Warburton, Arne von Seidlitz, Renaud Djian
Location: Provins Seine-et-Marne, France
Photographs: Luc Boegly, Agence Ameller & Dubois