Alessandro Anselmi
Fiumicino Town Hall

Alessandro Anselmi,


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The new Fiumicino Town Hall follows the shape of the trapezoidal lot on which it stands. It is made up of two distinct elements: a large plaza and a structure composed of two linear blocks. The plaza is a public space whose variable elevation offers an unusual changing view over the surrounding landscape of the town, the river and the sea.

Alessandro Anselmi<br> Fiumicino Town Hall The motif of the fold is repeated in the furnishings, designed by Anselmi himself with Maurizio Castelli, Pia Pascolino and Natale Russo.
All elements refer to origami, the shapes made out of folded paper: from the reception desks to the drawers, from the cupboards to the computer tables, everything is made of slabs of crystal and steel prepared by specialised craftspeople. All this great zoomorphic origami mirrors the same concept as the plaza which, "folding over" in more than one point, becomes a staircase, an entrance hall, etc.
The futuristic structure, designed in 1996, was built in four years at a cost of 8 billion lire, with funds provided by the Region of Lazio. The City paid for the furnishings, which cost another two billion.

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