ACTIVE LAB: Fantasy, Creativity, Reality.

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ACTIVE LAB Imagination, creativity, reality. New wellness concepts on display celebrates GranitiFiandre’s first 50 years with an initiative intended for architects, designers and engineers. The challenge is to come up with a new concept of wellness together.

ACTIVE LAB: Fantasy, Creativity, Reality. Active Lab is a workshop of ideas and proposals for a new view of wellbeing connected with a very current theme, sustainability.Active Lab wishes to initiate a brainstorming session consisting of innovative proposals for imagining a new way of “green” living.
The meaning of the term “wellbeing” has now become a very wide and important subject.Wellbeing is no longer limited to personal experience, but encompasses a wider meaning where all the sectors of everyday life merge.
Wellbeing today refers to the field of physical and natural phenomena that distinguish the natural ecosystem, but also to the way in which humans relate to the environment/territory and the social environment.
The ACTIVE LAB exhibition:FANTASY, CREATIVITY, REALITY.NEW IDEAS FOR WELLBEING aims to give free space to the creativity of architects, designers and planners, for giving life to a gallery of proposals for redrawing the new concept of “green” living.This is a wide theme that poses no restrictions so that fantasy can move freely in all contexts.The only restriction is the format of the Active Taxos Extreme slabs, which will act as “canvas” for the proposals of entrants who can choose between the 75x75 cm format and the 150x75 cm format for the implementation of their ideas.
ADDRESSED ENTRANTS: architects, designers, planners, engineers, technical studios, design studios.
ENTRIES: the subjects proposed can fit into all sectors including design ideas, furnishing items or items of common use, designs for future or current architectural projects or simple suggestions inspired by the concept of green living.Entrants must sketch the design of their idea of green living on the Taxos Extreme Active slabs.
ENTRY TERMS: to be admitted to the exhibition, the entries must comply with the following requirements:
a) implementation using any technique, in black and white or in colour but limited to the use of the Pantone colour 340C;
b) the area of the entry must be between the 75x75 cm or 150x75 cm of the Taxos Extreme Active slabs;
c) title and brief explanatory caption of the inspiring idea.

GranitiFiandre will choose a maximum of 50 of all the entries received and the entrants will promptly be informed of their admission to the exhibition. The criteria for choosing the entries will include special attention to current designs and/or to be carried out in the near future, as well as the objective aesthetic value.
Entrants must send their entries in vector format (.dwg, .ai, .eps) in high resolution (min.300 dpi) no later than Friday 8 April 2011 to the email address: activearchitecture@granitifiandre.it or, alternatively, send the files on CD or DVD to
GranitiFiandre Spa - Via Radici Nord, 112 – 42014 Castellarano (RE) - Italy
for the attention of the Marketing Dept.

The file must be complete with the accompanying sheet: Click here for the download.



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