51N4E Buda Art Centre – Kortrijk Belgio


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51N4E’s Buda Art Centre has been presented with the Wienerberger Brick Award in the "Public Re-Use” category.

51N4E Buda Art Centre – Kortrijk Belgio

51N4E architectural studio has transformed a former textile factory on Buda Island into a centre for cultural events and artists’ residences.
51N4E’s design centres around two key elements: creation of an empty space in a pentagonal shape running through the volume of the existing building, and construction of a new pavilion of yellow brick to form the new entrance to the Buda Art Centre.

To keep costs low, the architects reused the building’s existing structure and created a pentagonal empty space in the existing volume.
The space contains a staircase for public access to the spaces arranged on 4 levels, up to the panoramic terrace on the roof.
The terrace re-establishes a direct relationship with the city of Kortrijk, as the majority of the building’s volume is isolated from its surroundings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: 51N4E www.51n4e.com
Location: Kortrijk, Belgium

Images courtesy of 51N4E ph. Filip Dujardin (www.filipdujardin.be), ph. Paul Steinbruck