Weller Home. Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados
with R&U arquitectos asociados.
Punta del Gallo, Chile - 2005


The Weller home is set in Punta del Gallo, Chile.

Weller Home. Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados<br /> with R&U arquitectos asociados.<br />Punta del Gallo, Chile - 2005 It stands on the high, rocky coast over the Pacific Ocean, looking out towards the blue sea and allowing itself to be penetrated by it despite its closed, introverted appearance. Its shape is irregular, motion-filled, but also monolithic; its unusual profile does not seek to create a romantic atmosphere.
It is a place of contemplation, but through a complex idiom which is by no means immediate, made up of warm hues but also of pointed lines and square volumes. In some ways it is like the Nicola Home, one of the most recent projects by UFO - Urban Future Organization: a house in Italy, on the coast of Sicily, where another solid body opens up toward the sea and seeks shelter in the valley.
Designed by Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados in partnership with R&U arquitectos asociados, the Weller home is a holiday home built on a limited budget. It is located on a marginal landscape that appears to have been abandoned by man, moulded by strong-spirited nature: the land is arid, corrugated, the product of a dry, windy climate. The colours of the earth and sky are very strong and clear. The design of the home seeks to establish a relationship with the colours of the landscape.
The home picks up on the brown, almost reddish tones of the earth and seems to sprout out of them.The home consists of three separate areas, divided by function but perfectly integrated: the living area, the children's area and the bedroom area, totally 140 square metres.
Built on the basis of the typical Canadian construction scheme - offering high quality and earthquake resistance, as well as limited ecological impact - the Weller home is composed on the basis of the panels in which it is covered, which become the unit of measurement in all the rooms.


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