Terry Farrell
International Centre for Life, Great Britain, 1996

Cultural Center,

The International Centre for Life Trust asked "Terry Farrell & Partners" to design a scientific centre in an abandoned urban area at the western end of Newcastle.

Terry Farrell<br> International Centre for Life, Great Britain, 1996 In any case, the similarity is entirely accidental: the curved outline is intended as a "metaphor of continuity", as Farrell says.
In actual fact, there are two separate open spaces: the public road across the square and the more private space contained in the only old building retained on the site. In the south-eastern part of the area is the "Global Garden" exhibition area; the structure, form and colour of its roof represent a water lily leaf.

Upright steel tubes extend, like the branches of a tree, toward the joints in the ribbing, constructed in lamellar wooden boards which serve as its load-bearing structure. The Global Garden was constructed using a system which permits technical implementation without having to give up expression of the basic idea underlying it.

Thanks to its versatility of use, this construction enlivens the place at all times of day.


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