Spalletti Winery

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Location: Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
Client: Dr. Giovanni Colonna
Architect: Studio Tecnocentro - Eng. Pirini Bruno, Arch. Pirini Francesca Design: 2002-2003
Period of construction: May 2003 - August 2005
Cost: more than 5.000.000 euros
Partnres: Arch. Urbini Giampaolo, Geom. Bocchini Tania
Plant Engineers: Ing. Pirini Bruno, Ing. Pirini Luca, P.I. Zani Maurizio, P.I. Fabbri Alessandro, P.I. Marconi Paolo
Area covered by building: 2483 sqm
Building: Mastri Edili s.r.l
Electrical system: S.B.E Cesena
Hydro System: Termoidraulica Pantani

Spalletti Winery The winery's modern technology and productive efficiency are revealed only once one is inside.
The organisation of the plants in the building is of great interest, incorporating advanced winemaking processes such as an industrial automated grape processing plant integrated with a carbon dioxide control system and, as is the system for heating and cooling the offices by means of radiating floor panels.
Another important aspect of this project is the organisation of the greenery which acts as a screen for the new volumes, mitigating the environmental impact of the structure as seen from the valley below. The garden is planted with local species, including trees and shrubs as well as flowers to create a perfumed bouquet in the area around the building.

The choice of flooring and finishing materials began with analysis of the client's specific needs, supported by architect Belinda Ronconi from De Lorenzi Ceramiche SNC, set in Forlì.
Tecnocentro's choice for flooring in the offices, aesthetically limited by the use of bare brick walls, was Quarzite Rosa 30X60 slabs with a polished finish from Iris FMG's man-made stones collection.
The choice combines the technical benefits of high resistance and a non-slip surface, important in a winery, with the elegance, luminosity and texture of stone, important factors in the design of a sober yet comfortable interior.
The unrivalled quality of Iris FMG materials guarantees excellent results, giving Spalletti all the class of a winery that demonstrates respect for tradition and local identity.

Silvia Zini


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